Important News About Deliberate Discourse

DD finds a new home.

Important News:

My blog, Deliberate Discourse, and the Simple Recommendation Letter will now merge into a single weekly newsletter.

I can no longer justify writing for two separate (but often intertwined) audiences who are interested in the same things. Rather than divide my effort, why not apply it entirely to one amazing, high-quality newsletter that comes out each week?

What you’ll be getting:

Deliberate Discourse is a weekly newsletter where I share my articles about progressive minimalism. Or, as I like to call it, minimalism with a twist. My articles are for people interested in working better, living slower, and building a progressive future. In other words, they’re people who realized that chasing ephemeral pleasures is a dead-end game, and give a damn about their health, community, and the planet.

If the personal is political, progressive minimalists are working towards a better future.

Why Substack?

  • Wordpress is a landmine of distractions. Is the theme optimized for mobile? Did I remember to update that plugin? Ugh, please. I just want to focus on crafting well-written articles and share them as effortlessly as possible.

  • If there’s an alternative to Mail Chimp, Convert Kit, or whatever other e-mail marketing services that exist, I’ll use it. I’m not interested in generating campaigns, sales funnels or analyzing open-rates and click-throughs.

  • The previous service I used for my newsletter, Tinyletter, caps your subscribers at 5,000. Once you hit that ceiling, Tinyletter encourages you to use Mail Chimp (who owns Tinyletter).

  • Substack gives writers the option to charge subscriptions. Currently, my newsletter is 100% free and a labour of love, but as this thing gains steam, I may experiment with introducing some posts that are only for paid subscribers. As you know, I believe in supporting independent creators especially since I see them work their ass off for their craft. Personally, I’m only comfortable monetizing my writing if it doesn’t involve ads, affiliate links, or sponsored content. Right now, I only get paid for my writing through Medium (which is based on a subscription model) and whenever I take-on freelance clients. This allows me to remain as real and authentic as possible.

  • Substack’s user interface is beautiful. It’s clean and concise. If you prefer to read the newsletter through your browser instead of via e-mail, Substack makes the experience so damn enjoyable.

  • Point blank, Substack doesn’t try to be good at a million things. They focus on doing one thing extremely well: provide a user-friendly platform for independent writers. With notable journalists already using the service (cough Judd Legum’s Popular Information), this only further confirms my hunch that subscription-based platforms are the future for creators who want to make a living from their supporters, not corporate interests. You are not a product and I refuse to treat you like one.

What do you say?

If you’re interested in coming along for the ride, I invite you to subscribe. And, as always, if you want to say hi, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

Stay tuned.